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glossary of terms

Work and Tumble
'Work' refers to the job being printed. When a job is being back printed, and the orientation should remain the same on the other side the stock would be 'tumbled', with the direction of feed being reversed.  Another process, known as 'Work and Turn' would cause the printing orientation to be rotated 180 degrees...

When color panels or graphics are designed to fill the entire form, that process is called 'bleed' because the color is slightly larger than the finished piece. After cutting or separating the form to size, the small extra color area is visible on the discarded portion.

Tic Marks
Registration marks which will remain on the sheet after printing is completed.  Tic Marks are indicated to assist in registering printing to existing perforation.

Trim Marks
Registration marks which are cut off (or split) when the form is cut professionally.  No trim marks remain when cutting is complete.

* Up (as in 3-up, 4-up...)
The number of identical forms per sheet.  Every piece is the same -- such as back printing on a ticket.

*Out (as in 3-out, 4-out...)
The number of individual and different forms per sheet (if form is numbered, every piece would have a different number).

An old printing term which expresses the registration of one color to other colors on the job -- registration tests exist for most color printer so that all colors line up exactly.

Back Up
Refers to the process of printing on the back side of a form or ticket -- can be an ad or terms of use.

A term from the business form industry referring to material at top of sheet which is removed before use.

Express as "cuts and ties" -- the distance between each cut in the stock, and the width of the remaining material which holds the sheet together.

Grain, Paper
Refers to direction of fibers. Stock is stiffest against the grain...referred to as 'long grain'.
Most PrintBox sheets are converted to run through your printer as 'short grain' so sheet
can navigate the small rollers in desktop printers.

Weight (express in pounds per full-size sheet)
PrintBox Standard Sheet is 90# index - thickness approx. .007" - equiv. to postcard.

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